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Choose Your Next Short Trip

Ready for an adventure? Discover the beauty of the Algarve with one of our popular multiple-days group hiking adventures. 

Our short trips are perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the region’s stunning landscapes over 3 or 4 days. Each trip includes a carefully planned daily itinerary to ensure you experience the best hiking routes and hidden gems.

All our trips can be privately booked, giving you the freedom to customize the dates and itinerary to your liking.

Guidance available in English - Dutch - German - French

To make the most of your Algarve trip, consider arriving a few days early or extending your stay. We can assist you in coordinating your extended stay at the same accommodation for a hassle-free experience!

Tavira Pura Vida
Relaxing at a cafe in Tavira Kikitrips

                       10 - 12 June 
                       21 - 23 October
                       9 - 11 December

Tavira is a picturesque town with unique architecture, rich culture, delicious culinary scene, and breathtaking landscapes.


Immerse yourself in the "pura vida" of this Moorish-influenced town and discover it's hidden gems such as Cacela Velha and Santa Luzia's famous "Octopus Village.

Ocean view from the Fishermen's Trail, Algarve

NEXT TRIP: 22 - 25 April
                        15 - 18 October

The Fishermen’s trail is among the most beautiful coastal trails in the world.


Always by the sea, the trails follows the paths used by the locals to access the beaches and fishing grounds.


Enjoy the wind of the sea, the rudeness of the coastal landscape and the beautiful nature of the wild West Coast!


NEXT TRIP: 6 - 8 May
                        7 - 9 October

Monchique and its surroundings is one of the most peaceful places in the Algarve offering breathtaking views and numerous hidden treasures.


Hot spring, stunning suspension bridge, highest mountain of the Algarve, this trip promises a full mountain adventure with unforgettable highlights at every step!

Guadana River Alcoutim Kikitrips


NEXT TRIP: 27 - 29 May

                     8 - 10 October

Alcoutim was infamous for many years of intense smuggling: tabacco, fabrics, sugar, coffee... were passed across the border between Portugal & Spain.


The smugglers were risking their life in the strong tidal Guadiana river...


​​​​Luckily those days are long gone and peace has restored in one of my favourite remote places in the Algarve.

Fishermen's Trail
Authentic Monchique
Remote Alcoutim

Custom Trips

Create a custom hiking trip experience in the Algarve with Kikitrips

You want a package with activities for your holiday with your family?

You have something special to celebrate (birthday, bachelor/-ette,...)

You need a unique activity for a business event?


We are happy to organise any custom trips for you. 


Contact us today for a quote!

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 Beautiful photo of Bordeira Beach
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