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Beautiful scenery of Bordeira Beach

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One-Day Hikes


West Coast Sunset Hike

6.5 km - Intermediate

Explore the breathtaking coastline of the Costa Vincentina while the sun is setting in. Be amazed by the colours at golden hour on the scenic Fishermen’s Trail. Sunset, beach and a glass of Prosecco to finish.

Private trips only

Organic Blueberries

Blueberry Hike

4km - Easy

A beautiful and accessible hike in the hills of Bensafrim paired with a yummy picking stop at the delicious organic blueberry farm of the Algarve.

Pick how much you want, the kids love it!


Private trips only 


Iberian Lynx Hike

7km - Intermediate

An unforgettable experience to encounter and learn about the endangered Iberian lynx cat combined with a beautiful hike on the hills of Silves overlooking the lake 'Barragem de Arade'

Private trips only


Full Moon Hike

Available on full moon May-Oct

Immerse yourself with the power of the moon. An easy walk to a remote beach where we can enjoy the moon rising over the ocean. An introduction to mindfulness and an unforgettable experience.

Private trips only


Hot Spring Hike

3km - Easy

Talking about hidden gems, the hot spring hike beats everything. In the most remote area in the hills of  Monchique. It’s stunning and extremely peaceful over there. Cross the river and take a dip in the 27°C secret spring waters...

Private trips only


Stargazing Hike

Available May-Oct

Are you intrigued about the stars and what's is in the immensity of the sky at night? Enjoy a walk on the West Coast at sunset until dark... Stargazing with an expert and learn about the stars and much more!

Private trips only

Multi-Days Trips

Relaxing at a cafe in Tavira Kikitrips
Ocean view from the Fishermen's Trail , Algarve

NEXT DEPARTURE: Tuesday 14/11 - Thursday 16/11

Tavira is a picturesque town with unique architecture, rich culture, delicious culinary scene, and breathtaking landscapes.


Immerse yourself in the "pura vida" of this Moorish-influenced town and discover it's hidden gems such as Cacela Velha and Santa Luzia's famous "Octopus Village.

NEXT DEPARTURE: Tuesday 17/10 - Thursday 20/10 

The Fishermen’s trail is among the most beautiful coastal trails in the world.


Always by the sea, the trails follows the paths used by the locals to access the beaches and fishing grounds.


Enjoy the wind of the sea, the rudeness of the coastal landscape and the beautiful nature of the wild West Coast!

Guadana River Alcoutim Kikitrips


NEXT DEPARTURE: Wednesday 8/11 - Friday 10/11 

Alcoutim was infamous for many years of intense smuggling: tabacco, fabrics, sugar, coffee... were passed across the border between Portugal & Spain.


The smugglers were risking their life in the strong tidal Guadiana river...


​​​​Luckily those days are long gone and peace has restored in one of my favourite remote places in the Algarve.

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Custom Trips

Create a custom hiking trip experience in the Algarve with Kikitrips

You want a package with activities for your holiday with your family?

You have something special to celebrate (birthday, bachelor/-ette,...)

You need a unique activity for a business event?


We are happy to organise any custom trips for you. 


Contact us today for a quote!

 Beautiful photo of Bordeira Beach
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